Mind/Body Nutrition Coaching by Aline Vann


“My main goal for enrolling in the Slow Down Diet Workshop was to be healthier, which included losing weight, and lowering my cholesterol and triglycerides.  I am feeling better, and have lost 8 pounds. I am much more aware of what I am eating, and how I am eating. I am exploring better quality foods. I am relaxing more with my eating, and not worrying so much about having the “perfect” diet. I am enjoying myself. Aline was very positive and encouraging. I really appreciated her constant reminder to us to be kind to ourselves and not beat ourselves up when we didn’t make the ‘best’ choices.” – Mary –

“Aline does a great job at providing the information in many ways so it can be comprehended. I have trouble with assigned reading, but she provided the information in multiple ways to keep me engaged. I have become more aware of what moving at a very fast pace does to my stress level, and how that affects my health. You will learn things about eating that you never thought really mattered until you start paying attention.” – Melisa – (Slow Down Diet Workshop)

“I enrolled in the Slow Down Diet workshop to learn about how to slow down in today’s busy lifestyle. After the class, I have definitely integrated the concepts, and changed the way I eat during most of my meals. I have lost five pounds since starting the program. I have so much awareness with breathing and being present when eating. I truly loved reading the chapters, and practicing what we learned with each riveting chapter. I had an “aha” moment with every one!” – Haven-