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Take a Seat to Lose the Weight


Sitting down for a nice, relaxing dinner.  Sound unrealistic? Too good to be true?

Well, if weight loss is your goal, you should try it. Okay, even if weight loss ISN’T your goal, you should try it.  It sounds so contrary to what we’ve been hearing lately…sitting is the new smoking, and all.  Well, lack of movement is not good for sure, but you definitely want to be sitting down during meals.  This is a good time to STOP moving!  


Read On.


I can empathize with you. You are too busy to sit down and eat a relaxing meal.  Sitting down to eat is really inconvenient. There is SO much to do!! You can barely even remember the last time the whole family was at home at the same time to sit down together for a meal anyway.


It’s much easier to multi-task at dinner time, so you can mark things off of your to do list.


Busy moms are MASTERS at multi-tasking!


That’s why you may find yourself eating while you are standing at the stove cooking dinner, or at the kitchen island packing lunches. Of course all of this is happening while you are simultaneously helping your son with his math homework, and helping your daughter to find her soccer shorts for tomorrow’s game.  (This is my house about every other day!)


Dinner preparation can be a really tempting opportunity for snacking. This is often the time of day,  when energy is waning,  and you know that you still have several more hours of practices, lessons, and homework, not to mention the mounds of laundry piling up that you hope you get to before everyone is down to their last pair of underwear.


In fact, this is the time when I’ve found myself heading into the pantry for some ingredient for dinner, only to come out three hundred calories later!


(I told you I could empathize!)


Here’s the problem. It’s almost impossible to stand at the stove, at the island, or in the pantry, and eat with AWARENESS.  


You  may be wondering why we need to eat with awareness anyway. Sure, we know we have to be aware when we are driving or in an important meeting, but why do we need to be aware when we are eating?


Well, there are actually a couple of reasons.


First, we can take in A LOT of calories when we are not aware of our eating, without even realizing it.  


See, not only do our stomachs need to be fed, our brains do too.  Eating without awareness does not allow our brains to feel nutritionally satisfied. So, it just keeps wanting more.


It’s why we can mindlessly eat three or four hundred calories, and still be hungry!


Eating WITHOUT awareness, can also lead to weight gain, digestive problems, poor nutrition, and a general sense of dissatisfaction with food.  


In fact,  it is completely possible to lose weight, improve nutrition, and prevent post meal indigestion just by changing this one thing!


So, what does awareness at meals look like?


First, be intentional about being consciously aware of EVERYTHING you eat.  Here’s a little tip to get you started. Dawn Blatner, RD, says, every time you eat, you need to have three things:

  • A table
  • A plate
  • A chair


So, experiment for a day. Pay attention when you eat. See how you feel during, and after the meal.


I think you’ll like the results.






Want to learn more about Eating with Awareness, and other changes you can make to lose weight, improve digestion, nutrition,  and gain satisfaction with your meals?  Then head on over to my website for my free gift, Three Ways to Jumpstart Your Weightloss!





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