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Looking for some Nutritional Wisdom?

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Nourish your body. Live a life of Freedom, Fun and Pleasure.

Are you a busy mom who is struggling to figure out how to make time to create healthy habits for yourself?  It can be a real battle when your family’s hectic schedule is leaving you feeling more like a chauffeur, and less like an empowered woman.

Maybe this BUSY LIFE that you are living has taken its toll. Maybe you’ve noticed your weight creeping up year after year, and now you are ten or twenty pounds heavier. You may be having a hard time feeling good about yourself.

You likely feel exhausted and completely stressed out. By mid-afternoon, you may find yourself stopping for a grande mocha, or frantically searching for the candy you keep stashed in the console of the car, just to have the energy to keep going?

When you are a busy mom taking care of everyone else, it’s hard to make nutrition a priority.  Ironically, the worse our nutrition habits become, the more weight we gain, the more exhausted we are, and the more stressed out we are!

I can help you discover the tools you need to change those feelings of powerlessness and defeat when it comes to your own health, and your family’s health.

I will empower you to feel capable and confident about the nutrition you are providing for you and your loved ones.

I will help you find a happy balance between being able to provide high quality foods for you and your family, while also realizing that moderation is the key to your sanity!


(Sessions can be conducted in person, or via FaceTime, Skype or Email.)


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